Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj


Incoming PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence at Oregon State University

Masters Student at the University of Washington Bothell

Bellevue WA


My research emphasizes on the privacy and security of AI/ML systems as part of Responsible AI. I have conducted research works that led to pre-print publications on ArXiv and a conference paper at the Data for Policy Conference 2022 held at Seattle.


1. My Journey to PhD Admission in Artificial Intelligence [Towards Data Science - Medium]

2. Untangling Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics [Medium]

3. An Introduction to AWS IoT Core [Medium]

Invited Talks

Flower Monthly, August 2023 - Invited Talk on "Phoenix: A Federated Generative Diffusion Model" [link]


Most recent publications on Google Scholar.

Phoenix: A Federated Generative Diffusion Model

Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj, Afra Mashhadi

ArXiv 2023

Personalized Emotion Detection using IoT and Machine Learning

Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj, Afra Mashhadi

ArXiv 2022

Time Series Prediction for Food sustainability

Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothiraj

ArXiv 2022

Empirical Dynamic Modelling of the Multi-Source Park Visitation Data

Vahid Shamsaddini, Fiona Victoria Stanley Jothirajs, Mandy Chen, and Afra Mashhadi

Data for Policy Conference 2022


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Time Series Prediction for Food Sustainability
Machine learning system using a statistical regression model that can predict the top-k food crops that would endure a shortage in each country in the future.
Personalized Emotion Detection using IoT and Machine Learning
Non-invasive IoT system that tracks patients' emotions, especially those with autism spectrum disorder
Accelerated Image Restoration using CUDA
Accelerate the reconstruction of images using CUDA parallelization technique by designing CUDA kernels from scratch
Spatio-Temporal Forecast Modeling and Fairness of Traffic Fatality
Forecasting and deep learning modeling techniques to estimate the hotspots for traffic fatality in the United States


Full CV in PDF

  • Oregon State University Sep 2023 - Present
    Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence
  • Harvard in Tech June 2023 - Present
    Data Scientist
  • Research Lab at UW Bothell June 2022 - Jan 2023
    Graduate Research Assistant
  • University of Washington Bothell Sep 2021 - June 2023
    M.S. in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Multicoreware Inc 2019 - 2020
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Multicoreware Inc 2018 - 2019
    Machine Learning Intern
  • PSG College of Technology July 2015 - May 2019
    B.E. in Robotics and Automation Engineering
    First Class with Distinction

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